Annual Youth Activities

There is a vibrant youth group which actively participates in ICC events. There are some who have returned to Rochester for pursuing their careers. Some serve as ICC Trustees and some serve on ad hoc committees that organize ICC events. There are three annual youth events at ICC. We welcome your participation in these and we are also open to suggestions and implementation of new events.

In January each year, the ICC sponsors a Chess Tournament for Grades K-12 that is conducted in collaboration with the Rochester Chess Center. (Click here for flyer)

ICC celebrates HS Graduation every year in June and recognizes the graduates of that year. The event includes a panel discussion on a variety of topics such as HS preparation for College, Choosing Majors, Career Choices, Study abroad, College Life etc. The panelists are college youth who graduated from high schools in Rochester. (Click here for flyer).

Kids Reaching Hearts Through Performing Arts (KRHTPA) is a youth group whose mission is to raise funds for a charitable cause. Each year in Fall, KRHTPA organizes a banquet the proceeds of which is given to one or two charities selected by the Committee.