COVID-19 has changed everything.  For the ICC, this means maximizing our online real estate as much as we have maximized out physical real estate on our Macedon campus. 

ICC needs the talented members of our community sharing their voices and ideas here on the blog through written video and even audio media.  

How do you start?  Just reach out to communications manager Sraddha Prativadi at on the blogging process or even better, sign up as an official ICC volunteer on our NationBuilder page HERE and the committees working on the projects that match your interests will reach out to you soon!

In addition to these, we aim to fill out our site with interest and robust pieces of great content in order to be approved for a grant from Google for Nonprofits that will help is increase our outreach efforts through Google ads.  

SO!!!  What do you know?  What skills can you teach us? Are you passionate about something you could write about in an 800 word blog post?  

WE HOPE SO!! And we’d love to see it here soon!!

Contact ICC Communications today at


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