ICC Facility Rentals and Banquet Services

Rent ICC and host your next event on our beautiful, serene campus!

Take advantage of India Community Center facility and surrounding area, knowing that you are helping community. 

Whether you are member, non-member or organization, we are open for you to create your event. 

Want the benefit of incredible member rates? Become an annual member or better yet, a Lifetime Member of the India Community Center of Rochester today for maximum return on your investment! 

 For reservations, please contact Jayanti Venkataraman, ICC Rental Director

  •  Phone: (585) 737-3148
  •  Email: RentalTeam@iccrochester.org
  • Please review all Rental Policies below and if you are able to adhere to all of them, proceed with a rental request.  


Renters are responsible for following all the guidelines below and understanding liabilities. 

• Full Day rental is defined as 9am to 11pm 

• Half Day rental is defined as either 9am-4pm or 5pm-11pm. This includes cleanup time. 

• There is no food or drinks allowed in the Nanavati-Shah (Meditation) Hall. 

• Banquet Services are available. Rates will be provided upon request. 

• Member rates are applicable for members in good standing defined as having an active membership for at least 3 months prior to the event date. 

• Member rates are applicable when the event is either for the member(s) or for their immediate family defined as their children. 

• Nonmember rates are applicable for all others. 

• The renter must be 21 years of age or older. 

• Life members of the ICC may use the auditorium and kitchen for one day in a year for free, either for themselves or for their immediate family defined as their children. A custodial fee of $150 is required and must be paid at the time of reservation. 

• The ICC key is available for pickup from the ICC Scheduler on the day prior to the event. 

• Time for decorations is limited to 3 hours on the day prior to the event for morning rentals and earlier in the day for evening rentals, provided no other event is scheduled. 

• Booking must be made for setup. Time requiring more than 3 hours which will be charged at $250/day. A maximum of two days prior to the event is allowed for setup, depending upon the availability of ICC. 

• Use of kitchen prior to the day of rental will be charged at $100/day. 

• Furniture that comes with the rental includes 25 rectangular tables (5ft by 2½ft) and 200 chairs. 

• Additional furniture may be rented through ICC banquet services. Rates are available upon request. 

• The commercial type kitchen is well equipped to handle catering requirements and is available for use during the rental period. The facility does not supply pots, pans, cooking utensils or table linens. 


• Private parties with music and dance must use an ICC authorized person to handle the sound system. The renter will pay an additional fee for the person’s services and rental fee for any additional sound equipment brought into ICC. 

• Community groups using the ICC sound system should identify an ICC member who will be in attendance and who will take responsibility to abide by all the rules related to music. Groups not using the ICC sound system, must use an ICC authorized person to handle the sound system, pay an additional fee for the person’s services and a rental fee of such equipment. 

• The music should be at acceptable levels such that it does not disturb the neighbors. The auditorium and kitchen doors must remain closed at all times so that the sound is not heard outside the auditorium. 

• In compliance with regulations governed by the Town of Penfield, use of audio equipment must be stopped at 10pm 

• Music is restricted to indoors. 

Failure to follow the above may result in fines imposed by the town and/or legal fees. The renter is responsible for paying all such fees. 


• A security deposit, greater of $150 or 25% of the total rental fee is due at the time of reservation. Upon a satisfactory custodial inspection after the event, this will be returned to the renter. 

• The rental fee is due at the time of key pickup before the event. 


• Usage is restricted to the areas of ICC that have been rented. 

• The event should end at the allocated time (4pm for morning rental and 11pm for evening rental). This includes the time for cleanup. • ICC is a tobacco free facility. 

• The renter shall not bring in or allow to be brought in anything that will be a fire hazard 

• It is the renter’s responsibility to inform the guests about the location of fire exits. 

• The renter should adhere to the Fire Code and occupancy levels. The occupancy in the auditorium is 350 persons, if using only chairs. The occupancy in the auditorium with tables and chairs is limited to 170 persons. Occupancy levels are also restricted in other areas (Kitchen, Navnit Desai Hall and Nanavati-Shah Hall) for which the schedule coordinator should be consulted. 

• The renter will be held responsible and accountable for penalties upon non-compliance of the Fire Code. 

• A clean facility will be provided. The facility must be returned to the condition it was prior to the event. The kitchen shall be left in its original condition. Tabletops, sinks, countertops and floor must be wiped down. Carpeted areas must be free of spills and vacuumed. Failure to clean the facility will result in a minimum fine of $150. 

• All furnishings must be returned to their original arrangement. Tables and chairs need to be wiped down and stowed. 

• Garbage must be bagged and placed in the exterior dumpsters located in the parking lot behind the building. If the dumpster is full, garbage should be placed behind the barricade that encloses the dumpster. 

• Cleaning services are available at an additional cost. Rates will be provided upon request. 

• Lights must be turned off, and screens and windows closed, thermostats reset to the ‘original’ settings. The renters are responsible to make sure the doors are locked as they leave the building. Failure to meet these conditions will result in additional charges. 

• All personal belongings must be removed by the end of the rental duration. Next-day pickup is not allowed. 

• The projection system has an additional charge. It should be used with care so as to cause no damage. 

• The colored light system has an additional charge. It must be operated by a person familiar it. 

• Any equipment that is used must be left in the original condition. 

• At the end of the event, while leaving, during the winter months, the thermostat should be turned down to 50 F. 

• At the end of the event, while leaving, during the summer months, the AC should be turned off. 

• Should there be damages to the facility, ICC will impose fees to cover the cost. 

• Keys must be returned within 24 hours of the use of the facility. 


• Community groups renting facilities (auditorium and kitchen) for ½ day may use the auditorium for practices/rehearsals prior to the scheduled event at a time when no other event is scheduled with the following criteria. A total practice time of 4 hours is permitted on a Saturday or a Sunday. It can be distributed as 2-hour blocks during 2 week days. The 4 hours if distributed, has to be weekdays (not weekends) and cannot be more than 2 days. Arrangements must be made through the ICC schedule coordinator. 

• Members renting the auditorium for cultural events may rent the auditorium for practices/rehearsals prior to the scheduled event at a time when no other event is scheduled, at the rate of $250 for ½ day. Half day is defined as 10am – 3pm or 5 – 10pm. 

• Practice sessions should be restricted to the auditorium ONLY. There is a green room adjacent to the stage for changing. No other rooms should be opened. Kitchen should not be used. The facility should be left clean. All garbage, including in the bathrooms, should be picked up and disposed in the dumpster outside. The building and the gate should be locked while leaving. 

Failure to leave the facility clean will result in a cleaning charge of $100 for janitorial services. 


• Dormitory facilities on the lower level of the main ICC building are available 

• For the main building dormitory, the charges are $10/person /night accompanied by a full day rental of the ICC facility. 

• With no rental of the ICC facility but with an IHM rental, the charges are $25/person/ night. 

• Cabin rental for overnight stay together with a full day rental of the ICC facility, is $100/cabin/night. 

• Cabin rental for overnight stay with no rental of the ICC facility, but with an IHM rental is $200/cabin/night. 

• A minimum of two guests is required • Only mattresses will be provided. Pillows, bed linen and towels are not included. 

• A clean facility will be provided on the day of arrival. An additional cleaning will be provided only after a 5 day stay, not on a daily basis. 

• Kitchen facilities are additional at the rate of $100 per night. All policies listed above for cleaning kitchen apply. Cookware, tableware, etc. will not be provided.


Last Revised December 2020