The India Community Center (ICC) of Rochester is a superb organization, educating the community with Indian culture, traditions, and more. ICC in itself is an umbrella for many local Indian-community oriented organizations & clubs. 

As a member of the ICC you will receive:

  • Free newsletters highlighting the newest news and events delivered to you e-mail inbox.
  • Free admission to most of our cultural programs
  • Subsidized admission to you and your family to many social events.
  • Subsidized rental costs for renting ICC.

The annual memberships for members are very low and help cover the maintenance of the beautiful ICC campus. 

We have special subsidized membership fees for Students $21, and for our elders–the senior membership at $77. 

Life membership of the ICC at present is being offered to interested patrons at $3077. All life members are entitled to special discounts, and admission to special events on top of the ones mentioned above. 

If you have any questions about membership, please do not hesitate to contact us by simply sending us an email at 

Yearly Membership Fees