Following the success of ”Kaju Burfi”, a play directed by Shamal Mitra in 2005, many community members who enjoyed the play, expressed a strong desire to have plays produced locally using talents within the community. With brain storming among many theater enthusiast, it was concluded that to build up a theater activity in the community with local talent, a theater organization was needed. This led to the formation of Kalidas, an Indo-American Community Theater Group of Rochester. As a proud sponsor, Hindu Heritage Summer Camp (HHSC, a not for profit organization) embraced this idea and Kalidas Theater was born. Since its first play, “ Rumors” by Neil Simon directed by Sanjay Maggirwar, HHSC nurtured this baby to produce 24 plays in 10 years. After 10 years, it was time for HHSC to hand over the organization to India Community Center, a cultural center. In true sense of the word “cultural”, KALIDAS truly fits in with ICC mission, to make a positive difference in the community by providing social, cultural, educational, professional and recreational programs. KALIDAS plays foster community spirit by creating a place for family and friends to come together and showcase their talent. 

KALIDAS Next Production

Our next event is a play by Sam Bobrick “Last Chance Romance” a hilarious comedy directed by Baal Bhagat. Friday December 6th, 7th & 8th 2019. ” “Last Chance Romance” play by Sam Bobrick-“


Myra Witzer, a strong willed woman in her mid-thirties, is determined to get married at any cost and Leonard Shank, an unassuming man in his mid-forties is the guy who she goes after and gets. After several months of married life, Myra realizes that the marriage chase excited her more than the capture and wants out. On the other hand, Leonard, who at the beginning wanted no part of the marriage or Myra, now wants to stay married to her more than anything. Well, it is a pleasant surprised how this concludes.