Luncheon Gala Honoring the Kamaths brings together generations of the Indian Community in Rochester

Congratulations Dr. C. Padmanabh Kamath, ICC Chairman, on your ICON HONORS Award from the Rochester Business Journal!  Dr. Kamath has been recognized for his many many decades of service, contribution, dedication and exemplary vision in community and business leadership to India Community Center of Rochester, Highland Hospital, Rochester Regional Health and Unity Hospital.  The celebration was held at the Genesee Valley Club on December 5, 2022. 

Thank you, Dr. Kamath, for all you have done for our community for decades and all that you continue to do!

The India Community of Rochester will be having a pan-organizational celebration in honor of Dr. Padmanabh and Mrs. Amrithkala Kamath.

For over four decades Dr. and Mrs. Padmanabh and Amrithkala Kamath have contributed in innumerable ways to the Indian community of Rochester.  The mark of their leadership and love is on nearly every Indian community organization in the community.

They have not only initiated numerous projects but, once launched, they were intimately involved in supporting them and ensuring that they were successes: the India Community Center, the Hindu Heritage Summer Camp, Saathi, Kalidas and the India Heritage Museum are some examples of their contributions. They have both been very closely involved with the Rochester Sai Center, SriVidya Temple and Sharavathi Kannada Koota for many years. 

This lunch program is to honor, celebrate and thank them for all their efforts.

The charge for the event is $25 per head.

The community is also assembling a commemorative video of “Thanks You’s” and expressions of appreciation and gratitude for the Kamaths.

Kindly follow the guidelines below so this will be a positive experience, and allow as many people to contribute this collective expression of gratitude.


Guidelines for Submission:

Honoring the Kamaths Commemorative Gratitude Video


1. 60 seconds maximum (Longer submissions will be edited down to 60 seconds at the discretion of the editor)

2. Your name

3. How do you know the Kamaths?

4. Express your gratitude!

5. When shooting with a smartphone, please hold it horizontally and send the video via Whatsapp to Surendar Jeydev at 585-200-8455

6. Upcoming Zoom/GoogleMeet Community Gratitude will be announced if you would prefer to record your statement via a forum with one of our community leaders.


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